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Unique email marketing tool for musicians and bands

Social media, push notifications, email lists to paid searches are perfect techniques for Spotify, YouTube, TikTok or Soundcloud promotion campaign. However, with time such methods hardly bring the big results you might want.

Bands, music labels, music artists and marketers have been using Tuneer’s special, interactive and smart online chatbot application for collecting emails, exporting data collected to Mailchimp and other mail services and segmenting audiences.

The tool demystifies email marketing to publicize your music and eases the process of releasing marketing emails to your lists, sending automated messages and carrying out targeted campaigns; whether you intend to let customers know about your hot new music, advertise merchandising music display and available services to drive sales up.

Prior to music launch

Before launching new songs you definitely want to hype and excite interested fans and basically everyone. Excited and hyped fans purchase music, listen to it extensively and let others know about it in their private social networks.

Build the flimflam and excite them by utilizing all possible marketing networks to bring in lots of traffic to the pre-release landing page displaying your upcoming content, proving its significance, motivating sign-ups and subscriptions while building hype.

Build a landing page

Step 1: Enter the landing page creator and ensure the form is properly filled

Step 2: Do upload any unique audio preview or audio message

Post-launch promotion

Once a landing page is created it’s the easiest to share around. Tuneer’s special landing pages allow you to create email marketing campaigns whether you’ve a website or app or not. In the process, any artist is able to use Tuneer to create as many landing pages as necessary, track, design and arrange them accordingly.

Maximize on this by using Facebook and Instagram adverts optimized for any landing page on Tuneer, especially for email collection to use in your post-release re-marketing strategies. Once you’ve attracted a number of subscribers you can store your email list in .csv file format for easier export to different email promotional services such as Mailchimp.

Exporting emails to mail tools (like Mailchimp)

Step 1: Start by opening the dashboard.

Step 2: Carry on by choosing “Export” located below the fans counter towards the upper part of the dashboard.

Tuneer offer a unique free subscriber collection plan of below 200 subscribers. For more subscribers, go ahead and upgrade to a paid plan of your own choice.


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