How to Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok


Try These Cheap Facebook & TikTok Advertising Strategies for Musicians

Advertising for Music Artists

Who are your listeners exactly? Where can you find them. Although the mainstream music industry may have a standard they follow to sign new artists, that should in no way invalidate your importance as a musician. Every musician has their own set of fans and genre of enthusiastic followers just itching to tune their ears to your sounds and even though mainstream media seems to have a lock on certain areas, it has yet to lock down social media. Social media avenues such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are available to every artist and when it comes time to get the word out about your music, these avenues can take your music advertising to the very top, if you know how to use the tools built into each one and how Tuneer can help make your advertising campaign a true success.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most widely utilized social media sites throughout the world and Facebook ads have become a key ingredient in high quality advertising. However, one glaring drawback to Facebook ads is their overall expense. You can expect to pay up to $2 per click on Facebook ads and even though $2 may seem like a small number, it can certainly add up quickly when multiple users begin to embrace your sound. Tuneer can help lower those costs and here are 3 ways to help make it happen.

– Narrow Your Target Audience

Facebook ads are excellent for targeting a wide range of viewers, but sometimes, it is best to narrow your target audience. This might seem like backwards thinking to some that believe casting the largest net will gain you the most yield, but just as with fishing, a targeted approach, (knowing exactly where to fish) is often the best solution.

Tuneer allows you to narrow your search and instead of the standard 25 ads generally targeted toward users, you can narrow that search with calculated and proven data science and API from Facebook to target a better quality of user that is specifically looking for your sound. Instead of a wide fishing net, our targeted approach has proven to drive anywhere from 2 to 5 more followers per ad on Facebook. Facebook ads for musicians can get a significant boost with the help of Tuneer.

– Build Chatbot

Although you may have yet to invest your effort in your own chatbot for your Facebook account, it is worth looking into. Creating a messenger chatbot can make your site feel more friendly and allow your users to feel more at ease in contacting you. You can also run ad campaigns on Facebook to drive those already in your messenger to your site. Once you have established this, use Tuneer to help send out up to 10 automatic follow up messages and avoid those high priced fees on Facebook.

– Use Pixel

If you have yet to use Pixel for your ad campaign, you could be paying too much for music advertising on Facebook. Pixel is a unique analytics tool that helps you target audiences more effectively. It gives you the option of segmenting fans based on interaction with your brand and targeting that audience specifically. These ads have proven to be up to 50% cheaper than general music ads on Facebook and with the use of Tuneer, you r ad campaign can target even more. Tuneer allows you to make smart landing pages and directly insert your pixel for both the landing page and subsequent advertising campaigns to boost sales and drive your audience.

TikTok ads

Ever heard of TikTok? This ap is now among the leading generator of new artists and have allowed some artists, to come from unknown status to overnight sensation through its popularity. TikTok is among the more unique social media avenues and is virtually an untapped market when it comes to music advertising and organic Spotify promotion. Mainstream music companies have yet to really invest in TikTok and they are surely missing out.

This social media platform has generated a 500% growth over the past few years and is not slowing down anytime soon. As of April 2021, Tuneer has become the official distributor of TikTok ads and now you can couple your account with TikTok to take your fan base to the ultimate level. TikTok for music artists is not just a passing fad, but a revolution in music advertising as we know it.

Have a Account – Before you begin your musical ad journey on TikTok with, you need to have an account with us.

Create a Campaign – The next step involves just a little leg work on your part. You need to create short 10 to 20 second video ads and choosing your target market

Write Ad Descriptions and More – Our campaign builder is among the best ways to ensure you build a top quality campaign for your music revolution. You can write ad descriptions, generate smart links, and landing pages for your videos.

Video Ad Builder – TikTok ads generate various reactions, but data shows that the most successful ones offer a very catchy composition and only last about 15 seconds, so when constructing your ad, use our video ad builder to ensure it is TikTok friendly and encompasses the message you want to get across about the song without revealing the entire track.

Biddable TikTok Ads – TikTok ads are biddable with new users able to spend up to $140 on advertising. There is a minimum bid of $70.

Once you have created your Dashboard on and linked it to your TikTok account, you can keep track of your ads and overall spending through our analytics tools. Conversations, CPC, CPA, CPM, CTR, and all attributes of your ad campaign can be tracked and managed from your account making everything easy and convenient for you. We make it easy to advertise on TikTok and other social media platforms, so you can concentrate on what matters most, the music.