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Community growth is the key to success for every brand. Every business professional knows the costs associated with acquiring a new customer can be five times higher than retaining an existing customer. The same rule applies to the music marketing. Loyalty and fan retention are two of the highest priorities for recording companies.

While mobile devices having significantly increased in use over the past few years, many businesses, including music artists and labels, are shifting how they interact with fans. Social media has become a primary source of music traffic. However, the competition has increased as well. Social media noise is a serious challenge on the way to success in today’s marketing. This is where steps in. We have developed tools to improve loyalty and retain fans/followers.

Your landing page will probably be the first interaction a listener has with you – so make it a good one!

Stop losing revenue with boring web pages and urls. We have designed an interactive and smart music marketing widget to share your music links with one single URL. makes easy to design smart music links and interactive landing pages to track your traffic, along with, analytics from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media to your streaming platforms. can be used as a way to direct all of your social media followers to your best content, with smart link. Our link helps you offer rewards like free download to collect fans emails and run promotion campaigns! Benefit from more click-throughs, higher rankings, and most importantly, increased revenue with mobile friendly web landing pages and short urls.

One Short Link Instead of Many

At, our smart music links can save you a lot of time because you won’t need to enter URLs of your Spotify, Youtube, Tiktok and other available platforms every time you want to share your music online. Display all music stores, fundraising, or social media URL with one smart music link.

Notifications for smart music urls Push Notifications & Email Re-Marketing

A push notification is a message that pops up first on a mobile device. Push notifications allow you to win the competition as a competitive and smart strategy to attract more users. With push notifications, you can direct users to your important social media posts, remind them of new releases, and upcoming events. makes it easy to collect push subscribers while sharing music on all platforms with one single URL. Push notifications and smart music links can be sent to subscribers even when they are not on the site on all their devices giving you the opportunity to reach more people and drive sales.

VIPclub for music links VIP club specials

Not only will you reach subscribers through smart music sharing links on, but you will also have the opportunity to drive traffic through specialized offers such as free downloads for joining email lists, VIP club specials, and more. There is no limit to what you can offer subscribers while building a strong email list. Our platform makes it possible to maintain engagement with customers and provide high quality smart music links or music promotions for the future.

QR Share on the Go with QR Code

QR codes are beneficial when it comes to the marketing of your music or events. can help you create QR codes for your latest release easily. You can print it on your business card. Once scanned, the QR code will take your potential clients to the landing page with built-in player and all links to your streaming services, social media, fundraising platforms or event ticket websites. We take your smart music sharing links to a whole new level at

Redirect smart urls to Messengers Get Your Music on Messenger Apps

Platforms like Facebook Messenger and Telegram has more than 2 billion users. With, your music is distributed across popular messaging apps with no cost and in just a few clicks! Moreover, our chatbot solutions can help you accomplish most marketing tasks in a simple and interactive way. Our software can take care of newsletters, press communications, mailing list sign ups, fan information collection, segmentation, and analytics. Smart music URLs that work for you without you having to work for them.

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Analyze Your Audience is not just your average, everyday smart music link site, but one that does more for the artist. We can help artists track exactly how their music was discovered by tracking the number of visitors who clicked the link. automatically collects information such as email, name, and can even segment an artist’s audience based on country of origin, region, or engagement rate. We take your smart music URLs and links to the ultimate level.

Facebook Pixel Supported

Facebook Pixel is a tool for Instagram and Facebook ads used for tracking, measuring and retargeting smart link visitors. You can connect your Facebook ads account via Facebook Pixel technology to any of your smart music links & urls, pages or download gates created on platform.

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