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Best Free Music Artist Apps For Production, Distribution and Promotion

Music Promoting During These Interesting Times

It’s probably fair to say that much of the world’s music talent has been sitting in splendid isolation courtesy of the covid-19 pandemic.  With recording and production studios closed, many artists must be wondering how to keep their music, and careers, on track during such difficult times.  However, as is so often the case when some doors close, others swing wide open bringing with them better, greater opportunities.

Many things have been given a big push by the global lockdowns and suspension of commercial activities caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  Independent music is one of them.  Artists have found themselves with more time on their hands and less access to recording studios, producers, advertising agencies and all the other businesses traditionally involved in the music production process.  It’s forced many of them to reassess not only how they produce and distribute their work but also their online presence as a brand.

Music Promotion Websites Creating New Opportunities For Musicians

The Internet has already revolutionised the way music is made and disseminated.  A growing selection of paid and free music promotion apps and free music distribution websites already allow independent artists to take control of their own work and build their brands online without having to sign with a music label.  Indeed, major music labels are increasingly becoming superfluous middlemen as more and more artists choose to use these online tools rather than spend thousands on professional services.

Great Free Music Promotion Apps For You

Here are some of the best music promotion apps and music promotion websites for mastering, distributing and promoting your work from the comfort of your own home.

The Best Cloud Design Apps

Your cover design is one of the most important, if not the most important, elements of your overall marketing campaign.  An eye-catching cover will excite people who see it on social media, and invite them to investigate.  It will increase the odds they’ll click on your URL and listen to you.  However, you don’t need years of experience or a degree in graphic design to design your own.  You don’t even need a high-resolution graphics monitor or other high-powered equipment!
Canva.com is one app that makes it super easy for you to design your own great cover.

Canva has a huge range of excellent drag and drop design solutions and templates.  You can modify, enhance, and play around with your design until you’re happy with it, download and voila!  You have a great looking cover to splash all over social media.

The Best Free Mastering Apps

Mastering is about balancing the stereo mix, ensuring all the various elements in the music sound cohesive, and that it’s ‘commercially loud’ enough.  In the past, this meant hiring a studio, and perhaps a professional or three, to help you do it.  These don’t come cheap!  Of course, you can still do it that way (when and if life returns to normal).  Alternatively, you can save some money and use great online digital mastering tools like Bandlab, and do it yourself instead.  Bandlab has one of the best free mastering apps we’ve come across.  With it, you can produce commercial quality sound without leaving home.

The Best Music Distribution Websites

Your song is sounds great; it has a fantastic cover design; and its ready to go.  All you need is a reliable way of distributing it on as many platforms as possible.  Songtradr is an excellent music distribution website.  It lets you distribute your music on all major streaming platforms.  Whilst it’s not free to use normally, they are offering all artists free music distribution until September 30th, 2020.

Great Digital Streaming Platforms

SoundCloud is a very popular digital streaming platform and one of the best in the business if you just want to stream your music without worrying too much about follow up promoting.  Load your music and stream it out to their huge audience.  There is a free SoundCloud promotion running at the moment so don’t miss it.

Smart Music Links And Free Download Gates For Social Media Promotion

Utilising a smart music link is a very clever and timesaving way to share your songs and/or albums from a range of selected music outlets and streaming platforms using just one convenient link.  It’s part of a growing list of smart music promotion apps, tools, and technologies that allow artists to market and sell their own work.
Smart links also generate very valuable user data that lets you improve the shopping experience for your fans, and build better relationships with them.  Find out who they are, where they are, where they prefer to shop, where they’re ‘finding’ your music and importantly, which of your marketing campaigns are working better than others.

Targeted Push Notifications

Whilst social media marketing is valuable, it won’t reach all of your target audience all of the time.  And even if it reaches them, there are plenty of distractions to divert them away from clicking on your link.  This is where push notifications can be a valuable marketing tool.

A push notification alerts a user to information from apps and services they’ve opted into.  It’s like receiving a text message.  However, swiping a text message will take the user to their messaging app whilst swiping a push notification can let them quickly open and listen to your song.

Unfortunately, many of the most popular streaming platforms don’t have native support for push notifications.  There are workaround solutions but by and large, these platforms have a ‘one hit wonder’ style of promotion.  Sadly this means that music, once heard, is often forgotten because there aren’t too many promotional tools, like push notifications, available to their users.

Tuneer on the other hand does offer push notification functionality.  Tuneer users can build smart landing pages and offer special rewards to their fans like a free download for joining email lists, sharing on social media, or providing valuable written feedback.

Email Isn’t Quite Dead Yet – The Best Email Autopilots For You

If you’re a fan of email campaigns, and believe it or not they are still useful, then Mailchimp is your best friend.  Create an eye-catching email marketing campaigns to send to your subscribers, or to catch the attention of the ‘right people’.  Mailchimp’s free option allows you up to 2000 subscribers

Use These Best Music Promotion Apps And Sites, And Be Heard

All these great music promotion apps and websites we’ve mentioned, and there are plenty more besides these, will save you a lot of time and money building your music career.

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