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Best Way to Sell Beats Online

Sell beats online

Chances are you may be coming up with the most exciting beats but you cannot sell any of them. While reasons for this may be many, the question is whether the beats you write are of exceptional quality. However, while this is highly important, if you don’t know what it entails to sell beats online you probably will continue creating superb beats but still won’t reach the people who should be using them. Clearly, you need to know the best way to sell beats. Here are top strategies.

Do you have a sales funnel?

You must transform visitors to your website into purchasing customers. To do this, you definitely need a sales funnel if your online hassle will grow as you want. Without one, to make money selling beats won’t be easy. It’s actually all about using the sales funnel to walk with visitors to your online site in all levels until they’ve made a purchase.

Beats need to be prepared for the taking

Of course you’re a producer of quality beats. Even so, if you don’t find some time to market them you probably won’t go anywhere. Artists who can use your beats and need them have to be sought and transformed into friends, connections and rapidly into buyers.

Maximize on email lists

So many beat makers have put their hearts on beat marketplaces and stores to sell their content. However, for hundreds of people who visit a typical beat marketplace just a couple of them actually turn into buyers while the rest disappear into the vast expanse of the web. Rather, use a tool such as Tuneer to change this.

Tuneer has a 50 percent to 70 percent success rate when it comes to populating mail lists through providing a free item (very few can say no to a free gift) if they added their emails. Tuneer allows you to create a solid list of enthusiastic beat users and buyers with smart links. Rather than stick on Instagram, YouTube and other social networking sites alone, you only need to provide a freebie and get yourself a mail list full of dependable buyers reachable through constant, targeted email campaigns.

Considering you won’t be wasting so much of your time marketing beats, you’ll be able to spend extra time to produce additional masterpieces people will love.

Ad campaigns shouldn’t be ignored

With paid ads you’ve a rapid way of increasing traffic and potential beat sales. Apart from Google AdWords, Instagram and Facebook adverts are also effective in driving traffic and sales.

Facebook / Instagram ads allows you to come up with a few quality and perceptively created ads made up of visuals and text before aiming at a specific target audience selected through criteria such as liked pages, geography, language, interests, age, among others.
With you can create videos, ads, social media posts whenever you like with a variety of different styles available without leaving our app. Our music marketing software uses Facebook’s marketing API protocol to find the perfect audience for your content.

On the other hand, Google AdWords works mostly through the content folks are searching online using a keyword. This means that a beat producer can target specific keywords that would compel interested people to make a purchase. Essentially, individuals who are searching the keywords on Google with an intention of buying will be the one viewing your products. Google AdWords also make it easier to target an audience or potential buyers by geography, sex or age, among other attributes.

Boost sales with follow-up messages

Working with clients is way easier, manageable and scalable. We offer 3 ways of sending follow-up messages to clients: email campaigns (automatically import collected contacts to Mailchimp), push notifications and Messenger chatbot marketing (you can build an entire beat store right inside your Facebook page).
Sending messages is fast and feedback and comments can be measured and tracked. Even so, you must avoid overdoing it as the repercussions can be costly. If you keep sending too many messages daily, they’ll look spammy and very few will open them. Ensure the follow-up is driving towards compelling the reader to do something with a call to action and doesn’t just shoot in the dark.