SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok – the number of platforms where you can upload music is increasing by the day. Online audio distribution platforms such as Soundcloud facilitate its users to share their originally-created music with millions of music lovers out there. Soundcloud has become one of the largest music sharing platforms in the world. All levels of musicians and music lovers use Soundcloud to share their tunes with others. However, figuring out how and where to promote your music on Soundcloud organically can be real headache, especially for independent musicians. If you are an avid Soundcloud user, will take your music sharing and love of the industry to the next level through its independent music promotion tools and services. You only need to submit your originally composed track to us and we will take care of the rest for you.

Budding artists can find it very difficult to break into the already overloaded music industry. Traditional routes, such as playing at smaller venues and working up to larger ones, do not work on their own in our global based world. Today’s artist must be savvy in how the attract new fans and promote their music. Tuneer is the ideal way to help your Soundcloud promotions take flight and get your name out to the masses.

Instead of merely focusing on one platform, Tuneer opens the door to a wide range of social media sites. Free organic Soundcloud promotions are an excellent way to promote your music brand, but with Tuneer, a lot of the headache and backbreaking work of figuring out where to promote your music is taken away. Tuneer targets specific social media sites and encourages users to share your music on a continual basis. We do the foot work, so you can get more from your organic Soundcloud promotion.

How it works?

We will assist you through our marketing platform until you successfully reach a particular number of audiences.

Ethical promotion ways Ethical and organic assures you for providing ethical and proven techniques to obtain real impressions from real humans interested in exploring the music of a particular artist. Genuine song plays, likes, followers, and comments will help you in making a real fan base. Inorganic music promotion techniques such as using bots is just money spent without any tangible benefits – they don’t encourage any real audience engagement. But they can get you censured by music promotion platforms, putting your reputation and music career at risk.

Return music fans Return business

By simply using Soundcloud to promote your music you can be sure of one thing, roughly 80% of users who listen to your music on the platform will not be back. Soundcloud offers a one hit wonder style of promotion in which the music can quickly become forgettable. No new artist needs there music to be dead on the floor like that, but will pick it up and place it where it needs to be.
Tuneer does more for the artist by providing a desire for users to come back and listen to music again and again. Soundcloud falls short in providing adequate messengers, landing pages, push notifications, and many other attributes that Tuneer will use to help you get heard and maintain return listeners. Never allow your music to become forgettable. Let Tuneer help you get more from your listeners than ever before.

Earn or buy points Get Those Points

At Tuneer, we do require artists to work for their promotions, so to speak, but not to worry, earning points with us is easy. As with buying Soundcloud plays, earning points allows you to have your music shared on the platform. The more points you can accumulate, the more shares you can acquire, thereby growing your music empire.
Points in Tuneer are based on how many shares your song receives. It is not essential to have a mass following of followers, but to keep up to date with your posts to keep people interested. Each share earns you one point and with feedback, you get even more points. Each time you receive feedback on one of your posts, you will earn 3 points. It does not take long to save up points for use on Us the music feedback exchange tool to grow as an artist on Soundcloud while earning points on Tuneer.

Effortless promo Effortless Music Promotion

Promoting your own music can seem like an uphill battle, but on, we work with clients to make music promotion an effortless endeavor. Among our many tools available to the artist for real Soundcloud promotion via Tuneer is our QR codes. These little devices can be printed on business cards or any promotional material for a direct link to your music. Clients that click on your unique QR code are directed to a landing page in which they can listen to your music along with special promotional tools such as smart links and other live promotional opportunities.

Remarkable Analytics Remarkable Analytics

Analytics is used to allow you to see how the public reacts to your music. Through our smart music links you can gain access to valuable information including how exactly your music was discovered by individual users. This information can help you determine what social media platforms work and which ones need a little additional information to become profitable.

Earn royalties Paid Messaging and Paid Placement Opportunities

Getting paid to produce music is the dream of any artist and on Soundcloud, that dream does not always pan out. However, when you link your Soundcloud with, you open up a wealth of possibilities including the option of using our paid packages and paid placement opportunities. Your original composition can be sent to our professionals for analysis. For those who are chosen, they can earn money from streaming platforms, however, should your music be turned down, you will be refunded your initial investment. Our organic Soundcloud promotion campaigns allow you to see the number of listen-requests, the channels where your music was shared with music listeners. You can also receive music reviews from your fans, blog curators as well as find replies from established music directors directly into your dashboard. All popular genres such as rock, electronic music, hip-hop, r&b are supported.

Fast and real Promote your music at a faster rate

Marketing is a huge part of any industry. Without the right kind of advertising, a company may find it extremely hard to push its products and make sales happen. The same applies for the music industry as well. Without the right representation and marketing, you may find it hard to get your work recognized. This is where music promotion services come into the picture. With TUNEER.NET platform & community, you can give your musical work a serious boost. is a revolutionary tool you have been looking for to promote and grow your music empire. We work with all music platforms including Soundcloud, so broaden your horizons with Tuneer and reap the many benefits that come with it.

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