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Is SoundCloud Promotion The Right Solution for Your Music Career?

Soundcloud promotion made easy

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SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube – the number of platforms where you can promote music is increasing by the day. Figuring out how and where to promote your music can be real headache, especially for independent musicians. Read on to learn about the importance of SoundCloud promotion and how the platforms compares to others like Spotify and YouTube.

Did you notice 80% of people who listen to your music on Soundcloud will never come back?

If you’re serious about your career is music, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one platform, whether that’s SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube. Listeners have their preferences and having presence on multiple platforms is the best strategy to get in front of maximum listeners. At the same time, the competition to get noticed on these platforms is unbelievable and each platform deserves a separate promotion strategy. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on what you love to do most – creating awesome music! 

Online audio distribution platforms such as Soundcloud facilitate its users to share their originally-created music with millions of music lovers out there. However, it takes an in-depth understanding of different marketing strategies to promote music in the best way possible. Tuneer.net is here to empower upcoming artists through its independent music promotion tools and services. You only need to submit your originally composed track to us and we will take care of the rest for you.

Add your song to our directory
Add your music composition to our database. You need to send us an original piece of music to be eligible to meet our set of requirements.
Get reviewed
Once we receive your composed music, our editors will review it to decide whether it is in accordance with our community guidelines or not.
Start getting more engagement and fans!
If the music is selected, our AI system will queue your composed track to reach to the fans on our music discovery apps on platforms such as Messenger and Telegram.
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Ethical and proven solutions

We will assist you through our marketing platform until you successfully reach a particular number of audiences. Tuneer.net assures you for providing genuine song plays, likes, followers, and comments which will help you in making a real fan base. 

Inorganic music promotion techniques such as using bots is just money spent without any tangible benefits – they don’t encourage any real audience engagement. But they can get you censured by music promotion platforms, putting your reputation and music career at risk.

For an organic music promotion our team use ethical and proven techniques such as digital marketing, social media paid advertising and music blog submission to obtain real impressions from real humans interested in exploring the music of a particular artist. With the help of our digital music promotion tools such as smart music sharing links, fan relationship management platform, music promotion services, music promotion tips & knowledgebase proved by thousands of music artists, managers and labels worldwide, you can promote your music at a faster rate.

Marketing is a huge part of any industry. Without the right kind of advertising, a company may find it extremely hard to push its products and make sales happen. The same applies for the music industry as well. Without the right representation and marketing, you may find it hard to get your work recognized. This is where music promotion platforms come into the picture. With TUNEER.NET platform & community, you can give your musical work a serious boost.