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Google Analytics for musicians: strategies to promote music online

With all the difference strategies you’re incorporating to promote music online use performance measurement and analysis tools to have an idea on how you’re doing. Spotify for artists provides its own built-in analytics. However, a good analytics will help with not just tracking organic Spotify promotions but a lot more. Google Analytics is a superb free tool to use with your sites. It helps track your web promotional strategies and return on investment. You also get to know where most of your visitors are drawn from geographically, including so many other things such as the type of browser in use.

Exploit Google Analytics and Tuneer

Tuneer allows you to create collaborative landing pages and Smart Music URLs for easier tracking of visitors to your profiles, including analytics from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others. Through the Smart Link, followers from social networking platforms can be easily directed to your beats website.

Google Analytics allows you to gain even more, including

• Understanding visitors to your site and the way they’re getting there.
• Information on visitors to your site in relation to their interests on the web, location, demographics among others. Offers insights on individuals who can convert fast to come up with strategies for optimizing with content and targeted ad campaigns.
• Access to real-time data.
• Comprehending the channels being used by visitors to arrive to a site such as through other websites, social networking sites or emails. It means whichever channel is bringing more traffic should be maximized on.
• Free to use.
• Not a complex tool to use yet highly intuitive and usable by anyone (no technical knowhow is needed).

How to install it?

Step 1: Open Google Analytics and navigate to the “Admin” tab from the top navigation, then select the Account, add new or select existing property you want to get the tracking code for.
Step 2: Open integrations.
Step 3: Click the “CONNECT” button next to “Sync external analytics” and add your tracking code there.

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