Leverage the power of Spotify music promotion services to boost an organic artist’s presence

organic Spotify promotion

If you’re an independent music band or artist promoting your music content is definitely up in your list, particularly in platforms such as Spotify. With organic Spotify promotion services you can actually earn from your music without even having to do much. Being independent and doing your own music means you aren’t just the boss, but also the label and you get to pocket the entire internet streaming income. Whether you embark on tours or sell a few songs, Spotify music promotion allows you to make sufficient revenue from Spotify. Once you comprehend the Spotify marketing algorithms the rest should be easy with sufficient marketing. For over 7 years, we’ve been promoting all types of music on the web. Since then, lots of things have changed with improvements in technology that could work to your advantage.

In 2020, music has really changed including its marketing. Even so, with our organic Spotify promotion we’re able to help you cut your own niche, make your own money and enhance your independent music art.

Here’s how.

Organic promotion at Spotify’s Discover Weekly Organic exposure aimed at Spotify’s Discover Weekly

Once you buy Spotify promotion you also get a chance to make the most of Discover Weekly, a unique playlist sent every week on Monday by Spotify. Specially selected music, it contains hits Spotify wants subscribers to the playlist to get hold off. In itself, Discover Weekly is a reliable and highly recommended organic Spotify promotion technique.

Getting your music added in a new Discover Weekly playlist is everything. All you need is to ensure your content in Spotify is seeing a lot of interaction and engagement with users. Through its own internal algorithms, Spotify will then notice and include your music in the ultimate playlist as well as in editorial ones.

However, it all comes to that initial promotion to kick you off, something that helps artists and bands with.

Buy targeted Spotify promotion Targeted advertising packages

For a few years now, Spotify promotion for independent music artists has been highly boosted by’s smart link targeted technology. Hundreds of smart music marketing links and landing pages for artists from around the world are featured in Tuneer. With so many offers you would like to promote from different outlets, Smart Link technology allows you to create short URLs for easier sharing of offers.

In the process, you won’t have to keep generating varied links for all your music and outlets. One short, smart link allows you to share music albums and quality hits from different outlets, which you can actually add in all your social media handles with ease.

Enhancing your connection with a particular audience is important and smart links come in handy. Tuneer offers you a free access to advert-powered analytics, smart links and landing pages. Through this mode, Tuneer is able to provide targeted promotion through the streaming platforms of your choice as well as through music genre and an incisive landing page recommendation.

Just like typical ads in search engines, once the adverts are clicked by interested fans they’re redirected and pointed right into a musician’s profile.

Music Bot for Spotify Tuneer’s Music Bot direct notifications

Of course, Tuneer seeks to make fans and music enthusiasts access music and purchase it online. But that’s hardly all. Our company also offers a unique and powerful platform where music fans and their acquaintances are able to share songs effortlessly. To accomplish this, our company went ahead and came up with a highly innovative chatbot app known as Music Bot that operates on social media tools like Messenger by Facebook and Telegram.

The app also offer music consumers all types of functionalities such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) song search, lyrics, discovery tools, music updates and news and free song downloads, among others. Just like Google Alerts, Music Bot is programmed to scour the web and find topics related to music artists and content that users are interested in before delivering the information through Telegram or Messenger.

As such, song consumers are able to know almost every trending topic related to their favourite band, artist or music. With time, users are tacitly and unconsciously inspired to remain loyal consumers and fans and not mere one-off audience.

Courtesy of Tuneer’s organic Spotify music promotion strategies, music makers are able to make the most of Music Bot through its push notification recommendation network, ensuring their tracks are shared to active fans on mobile devices.

Spotify playlist promotion Playlist engine

Another way makes organic Spotify music promotion easier is through Music Bot’s playlist engine allowing for the generation of smart and innovative playlists. This happens through a combination of various sources of music such as genres, music artists, moods and music albums, among others, before saving it in Spotify. What Music Bot requires from you are elements such as music genres, the artists you like, your personal mood, how many tracks you want, among others.

With these metrics Music Bot avails an interesting, unique and well curated enjoyable playlist that can be linked to a Spotify account for storage in case one loved it. Getting your tracks and music content in the playlists of other people isn’t hard through Spotify music promotional services. After placing an order, Music Bot app goes into an overdrive recommending all the active subscribers within your genre to include your tracks in their individual song lists.

Spotify social media marketing Social media co-marketing

One of the most effective methods of marketing today is creating an active and busy online community. With so many companies and thousands of others already doing it, music artists can utilize it even better. The idea is ensuring music makers are able create and grow an online community that blends their audiences and other music makers of the same opinions and persuasions to co-market their music and brands together.

To help artists with this, Tuneer now has a special web app dedicated to social media marketing for artists. The app is free to use and allows independent music artists and others to make the most of social media co-promotion tools to market themselves and their music. The app also includes feedback features where artist exchange takes place allowing them to offer help and best practices to community members.

In addition, Tuneer also includes placements at a cheap price to magnify an artist’s Spotify promotion. As a result, artists benefit from fast plays while drawing lots of additional followers and receiving useful feedback.

Purchase PR campaign Effective PR campaigns

PR campaigns and music blog submission services offer another effective way of promoting Spotify links. Through partnerships with diverse music related sites, the appropriate and most likely blog to take your music to another level is selected. Selection is guided by your music style and genre. As music bloggers and top influencers talk about your content their followers and many other music lovers pick it up directing them into your profile in Spotify.

While it’s not a guarantee that your music will be accepted, the PR campaigns will be highly helpful to your art. You’ll reach curators of music playlists, music journalists and a huge base of bloggers like many other music artists out there.

Spotify promotion tools Additional effective Spotify promotion tools

You can’t just depend on Spotify algorithms to connect you with real music listeners. For better results, avails diverse email and chatbot marketing tools aimed at creating effective engagement with music lovers and a strong group of Spotify loyal fans. Reward tools work magic and Tuneer makes it easy to reward those who love your music for their loyalty and content interaction and consumption.

As such, any music artist can create unique reward systems, such as free music downloads, special mentions. Consequently, you’ll be able to access user reviews, create and grow lists of music fans while submitting campaigns of all kinds through your dashboard on Tuneer.

It allows you to market your newest track or album prior to its launch if you so want. After the launch, push notifications will be sent to user smartphones alerting them about your tracks availability.

Spotify analytics data Quality smart marketing analytics

It’s very important to track ad performance. Tuneer allows users to do this and more through a highly innovative analytics found in the Tuneer dashboard. The intuitive features allow music artists to track the cost of their advertising, know the duration and timelines of their campaigns, CTR (click-through-rate), clicks, saves by fans and impressions, among others.


All these resources are there to make your Spotify music promotion easier, effective, measurable, simple and a success. You can try it now at and make use of one of the most effective and legit promotional platforms already building, growing and launching lots of song careers globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why promote music on Spotify?


Spotify has 191 million monthly active users worldwide out of which 87 million users are premium subscribers. Spotify is one of the best ways for artists to drive discovery and real engagement. Spotify plays generate revenues and besides, Spotify is an influential platform that record labels look to this platform for signing upcoming talent. As an aspiring musician, you can take help of these platforms to get the exposure that you deserve; however, you need to have strong marketing skills to do it on your own. offers real organic Spotify promotion services to endorse your musical career and establish your brand. All you need to do is submit your composed track to our database and leave everything else for us to do. We put our best foot forward to make your music track reach to the music lovers who would really be interested in listening to it.

2. Can I buy Spotify plays and followers?


Many artists look to buy Spotify promotion to boost followers and plays on Spotify. The issue is all of such a service providers offering bot plays and fake followers. This is a negative strategy that can boost vanity metrics but does not deliver any meaningful benefits. Also, it’s in violation of Spotify’s Terms and Conditions and can put you at the risk of never getting your music played on Spotify again. If you’re looking to buy legit Spotify promotion, Tuneer can be your best friend. With constant analytics and viral campaign promotions pumping up your views and plays, you will be able to explode across Messengers, reach radio stations, and land on blogs that will connect with the people you want listening to your music. That way, when you’re ready to take the stage, you’ll have an audience that’s already engaged. Let Tuneer take you singles, albums and label artists—and make them sensational for your fans.

3. How can I get started?


1. Sign up and choose one of the music promotion packages.
2. Submit your song, EP or album You just need to add your music to our database.
3. Get reviewed. Our editor reviews your music and determines whether it fulfils community’s demands or not.
4. Grow plays, likes and followers – Our artificial intelligence system searches for the most appropriate audience on the basis of the genre and desired streaming platform. Sign up now and you will be able to find Spotify promotion solutions that are legitimate and ethical ways to grow listeners and plays.