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L e V a N

L e V a N mp3 Tune in

Self written/produced Debut Album in the style of Alt Rock/pop with different style elements.


Mrblue302 mp3 Tune in

Hey,I'm Mrblue302 and I Create music in my spare time! I would like to think that they are half-Decent but tell me what you think 🙂 I am always open for Collabs! So if you want to contact me you can Dm me or email me at [[email protected]]

lil v

lil v mp3 Tune in

Hey, i'm lil v

The Trin

The Trin mp3 Tune in

“Alter Ego” which has amassed over 50,000 streams on Spotify. The Trin is consistently releasing looking for his next big success.


Osiris mp3 Tune in

Osiris is an upcoming Dark Trap artist coming from the Abu Dhabi


6107Davinci mp3 Tune in

fill in the blank


CHASi mp3 Tune in

Hey, i'm... Kevin Posthuma and i make music tracks in my own and from music maker MAGIX


KASH mp3 Tune in

Hey, i'm...a 14 yr rapper trynna grow my SoundCloud

The Kidd JP

The Kidd JP mp3 Tune in

Hey, i'm The Kidd JP

Haxhi Thaci

Haxhi Thaci mp3 Tune in

Hey, i'm ALB Records


Justyn.IRL mp3 Tune in

Justyn.IRL is pushing to change what gear in music; sonically and socially. As a visionary Justyn.IRL understands the progression of life.

CadE Progressive

CadE Progressive mp3 Tune in

young producer Prog - Trance - Techno - Electronic Peace&Love


Tev mp3 Tune in

Hey, i'm...lil raxxx


ghostofnight mp3 Tune in

Hey, i'm...GhostofNight Ima metal vocalest

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