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“yellow” – a new sound by hellboy707

All the way from Australia, hellboy707 has cooked up a new addictive tune. hellboy707 is an Australian crown songwriter and vocalist with a cult-like & speedily growing worldwide fan base.

The emerging artist is very passionate and dedicated to his work. Known for his experience and his consistent entertaining performances, hellboy707 continues to get every crowd on their feet. Tears of joy, laughter, happiness, and energy hype are just a few he offers on every song and performance.

Once again, hellboy707 has done it. He has dropped his new single “yellow” on Soundcloud. Testimonies of hellboy707’s music will tell you what you should anticipate in “yellow”:

“An unmatched display of talent with an unapologetic demeanor. With unwavering confidence, this artist carries the torch into a new age of rap.” – jussrussradio.com

“His storytelling within his new take on rap gives us chills.” – whatthehype.ca

“The term “Crown Rap” is a musical movement based around transferring knowledge and value to the listener through rap/hip hop. This term was popularized by hellboy707.” – urbandictionary.com

These few testimonies will show the quality hellboy707 will have added to his new single “yellow”. To get a feel of hellboy707, stream his new single “yellow” on Soundcloud via:

Official website: www.hellboy707.online

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