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The Industry Just Got Lit Up by the Gift, Brothaslikeme!

Brothaslikeme (abbreviation: BLM) is a group enlisted with raw talents springing out from diverse artists from various backgrounds. The group is made up of 5 musical geniuses, namely: LP Smallz, Bizzyaski, Ricky, Justyn.irl, and Marko Dobre. BLM is coined from the emergence of similarities dealt and faced with in life each day by the group. Brothaslikeme (BLM) speaks a simple sentence – “Brothers are like me”. To put the icing on the cake, although they faced similar issues, their beliefs and opinion contrast each other.

Hardly does anyone start the journey to life and growth the same way and the BLM members are no different. One of its members started from a country in Africa; Nigeria. Others made music in the homes and basements via their laptops and other gadgets. Covid-19 came and lockdown was exercised, but once lifted, they came together and a fusion was created. Today, that fusion is the Brothaslikeme (BLM).

Mentors are the key for artists and BLM have found theirs in Travis Scott, Mac Miller, and old school artists; Wu-Tang clan and Tupac. BLM had brought these talents styles together to influence their music journey, and it is time to “Feel the Vibe” as a new hit is about to do show what it means to mash up these styles in a song.

“Feel the Vibe” is the new hit set to take the music industry by storm. Fusing passion and dedication into their work and craft, “Feel the Vibe” is a music on a stride to success. Brothaslikeme (BLM) have prepared this smashing hit to give listeners a new taste of raw talent and freshly untapped potentials all in one. It is time to “Feel the Vibe”!!!

Listen “Feel the Vibe” on Spotify:

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