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The Oosh – Life Experiences and its Influence on His Music

Producer-turned-singer/rapper, The Oosh has began a new venture in the music sphere. Popularly known as The Oosh, Hussein Alaa Ismael Al-Janaby has always found technology intriguing and hypnotizing. This fascination enabled him delve into music production in the latter part of 2018. He laid his hands on FL Studio and began experimenting with the beat producing software. Outside beat producing and singing his own vocals, The Oosh creates his own videos and also ventured into website creation – talk about being technology spellbound.

It was not always rosy for Hussein, resulting to the gear shift to pick up a microphone after being influenced by solemn and sad vibes from Kendrick Lamar, Lil Peep, Kid Cudi, Yung Lean, and more.

Everyone always has a story to tell – good or bad – and The Oosh uses his music to tell his tale. At 18, he was in a seemingly never-ending drugged-up state. He was later diagnosed with psychosis which eventually turned out to be bipolar disorder (manic depression). In that same year, he accidentally committed two counts of assault against his family. The case was held up in court for two and half years! After he clocked 21, The Oosh was discharged with zero convictions.

It’s been a different book, chapter, and lesson since then as The Oosh now sings and raps to tell his stories and struggle with loneliness and mental health. His new tune “Patience” will give you a sense and view of Hussein’s life.

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