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Rising Music Artist, “The Trin”, is out with a New Bang, “Divergent!”

The power music possesses, hmm! is just so unimaginable. You will agree that music is a drive, an inspiration, a culture, a motivation, a comfort, and most importantly, it is a universal language spoken and understood by all. Marcus Lyons, popularly hailed as the “The Trin,” is among those rear breeds of musical talents who is driven by his deep love for music.

What sets “The Trin” apart is his early interest in music at a young age. You can say from his cradle, he has been dropping hits. His drive was so evident as he joined an orchestra group in the 5th grade and played the favorite Cello instrument with so much grace and wit. His musical prowess saw him through to the 10th grade and then the birth of music productions as an added skillset set him on another musical journey.

On his newfound path, he began learning diverse and advanced musical software with so much enthusiasm and this set him on his choice of music as a career rather than a hobby. The best decision ever! He started with the artist name “Malxone”, and after gracing us with several hits, he then changed the name to the globally recognized name, “The Trin”—the musical maestro we all cannot get enough.

The Trin’s musical ingenuity has serenaded the eardrums of people from different corners of planet Earth. Can you imagine that only a single song, “Alter Ego”, has garnered over 50,000 streams on Spotify? Oh Yeah! This is an exemplary specie of musical talent that drops groovy hits that transcends time and space. Amazing! Isn’t he? So right you are!

What is more amazing about ‘The Trin’ is that his type of music does not only cause you to feel the groove from another planet, but it touches and fuels your soul, mind, and body. His consistency is out of this world, as some call him the ‘musical encyclopedia’ who is consistently releasing new musical hits in a search for his next big success. The latest release from the ‘Musical Guru’ himself is titled “Divergent” on his distinct YouTube channel and with so much trust, it sounds super fresh from “The Trin’s oven.”

With a simple click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYUb_dUBMfY, you get to enjoy a slice of The Trin’s latest banger, “Divergent.” Common, Let’s Get Groovy!

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