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Presidential P drops his new single ‘Let’s Go’

Presidential P is a rap, hip-hop and pop artist based in LA. With bouncy delivery and a melodic flow, Presidential P dropped his high-energy debut single ‘Lemme See You’ in July 2020. Originally from Chicago, the rapper grew up in a musical family — he cites his father, a producer and artist manager, and his younger brother, also a musician, as key influences in deciding to pursue his own artistic ability. After working overseas for three years, coming home made Presidential P realize he too had the skill and drive to create music. The rising hip-hop artist has said that he sees music as a tool for self-expression, improving his communication, and helping other people get through tough times: “Making music challenges me to break out of my shell, to open up more and understand how to communicate better. I believe music has the power to tear down a lot of barriers that we put on ourselves and it can help people feel more confident about themselves.” Inspired by the freedom of creation, the hip-hop/pop crossover artist enjoys exploring the concept of finding happiness in his music — something he hopes his fans can share: “The fact that I’m able to be as creative as I want is inspiring. I love that I can go through my process of finding what makes me happy and someone else, unbeknownst to me, can enjoy and relate to what I got going on. Even better is when they feel willing to support my journey. The feeling of having someone wish you well is inspiration enough for me.”

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