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Music Promotion on Social Media

Music promotion these days can be difficult, but in our digital age, there are plenty of avenues an artist can turn to in order to promote their own music. One of the biggest assistance in our modern world is with social media. Social media has allowed people to be more connected than ever before. It has not merely brought people together with one another, but musicians as well. Using social media to promote music is not a new concept, but for those who may not understand the depths of algorithms within the program, getting your band’s name out there can feel like a challenge. What is the secret? Actually, it is remarkably simple. The key ingredient is finding a balance between algorithms and content promoted through your social media accounts. Here are some of the best tips for music promotion on social media.

Be Mindful of Captions and Link Presentation

If you intend on merely dropping your link in a post with hopes of catching the eye of your listeners, you will be sorely displeased. Social media algorithms are particular in this area and do not want to see simply links attached to posts from artists. Promotion in this manner is thought of as spamming and will not lead to proper distribution of your link. A better option is to allow your link to serve as your call to action by spicing up content through captions and even humorous anecdotes. Providing adequate context gives your entire post validity and your followers something do read rather than just a link to follow.

Encourage Interaction Through Questions and Comments

On social media, algorithms look at interactions such as likes, shares, and comments. They not only look at these attributes as positive, they actually award posts with these interactions through rewards. Subsequently, a post that includes adequate likes, shares, and comments tends to show up more frequently in news feeds and overall gets more attention that those without these interactions. Asking questions and using posts as a sort of call to action for your potential users is a great way to help promote your music on social media. Asking questions and encouraging user interactions through comments, likes, and shares can also provide you will a little more insight to your users.

Identify High Quality Post Times

One of the most difficult things about promoting music through social media avenues is knowing when to send a post out. Where it is possible to schedule posts periodically throughout the day, you will note that some posts will receive far more interaction than others simply because they were posted at a more convenient time for the user. Sprout Social’s data analysis has actually pinpointed specific times that seem to be best to post about your music or anything really on social media and here are some of there findings for the most popular social media sites…

LinkedIn– Wednesdays between 3 and 5 tend to be great for LinkedIn users interaction with posts. Additionally, Tuesdays and Thursdays show excellent interaction ratings throughout the day.

Twitter – Users show most interactions  from 9 to 10 am any day of the week, but Fridays see a specific spike from 10 am to 12pm.

Facebook – Thursdays from 10 am to 3pm seem to be among the best times to post on Facebook. Also, Facebook shows promice any day between 12pm and 2pm and on Wednesdays from 1pm to 1pm.

Instagram – For our Instagram subscribers, Fridays show promise all day from 9 am to 6 pm, as does Wednesdays from 5 am to 11am and daily from 10 am to 12 pm.

Smart Landing Pages

Often, all it takes to get noticed and use social media to promote music is knowing how to have smart landing pages to offer giveaways to subscribers and special promotions just for your valued fans. Givaways are always a great way to drive traffic and increase your user experience and using tools such as smart music links to do so can ultimately grow your Spotify following and email subscribers. By providing a free download, a coupon for merchandise, or specialized secret content in exchange for the user subscribing or following your site, you will drive traffic and ultimately grow your following through music promotions. Once your subscribers follow you and visit your site, you can further your reach by asking them to perform certain actions on your landing pages in which the user can be targeted with specific ads at a later date.

Always Respond to Comments

It takes work to use social media to promote music successfully and your users will want to hear from you. It is important that you interact with them and show your appreciation for each one. When comments come up on your posts, always respond. Even if there are negative comments, which are all too common on social media, counteract them with positivity. Send out positivity with every comment and you will bring more people in while allowing the social media algorithms to help promote yout posts.

More Video Content

Having adequate content is important and encouraged, but the type of content will have a drastic affect on your ability to reach more users. Pictures and posts are great, but when you integrate video into the mix, you offer your users something more involved. Users want interaction and video gives it to them. Even if you currently do not have videos available, Tuneer.net can help you create it and vary up styles to help have more of an involved impact on your user experience.

Host Weekly Twitter Chats and/or Reddit AMA

Interacting with your fans is essential for your success. Too many music groups recently have received backlash for not interacting with fans or doing so in a negative fashion and that is no way to have a positive impact on your social media, so try Twitter Chats and Reddit AMA for a great way to promote your music using social media.

Twitter chats allow you to chat live with fans and give them the opportunity to provide feedback directly to you. Sometimes, if you get enough tweets, your chat hashtag will trend leading to even more potential followers. Another option is with a Reddit AMA or Ask Me Anything promotion. This provides a way for you to interact with your subscribers and answer any and all questions they like.


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