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An Amazing Service That Helps You Get More from Available Music Sites

Websites such as Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Apple Music and other platform are great, but they could do more with the help of Tunneer.net. We are excited about Tuneer.net and what it can do to help enhance your music while attracting an enthusiastic audience through free music downloads and other music promotion measures. As excited as we are about Tuneer.net, such a unique service requires a little explanation, so how does it all work you ask?

Marketing tools

  • Full access to our marketing software
  • Funnel builder
  • Interactive video ad builder
  • Unlimited uploads & landing pages
  • Spotify integration
  • Facebook/Instagram ads optimization
  • Messenger chatbot builder
  • Mailchimp integration
$9/month Demo trial

How does the service work?

  • Come up with available marketing content to promote your music and offer it for free to your listeners

    Whether that is a specialized podcast, webinar, concert opportunities, free song downloads, or any other targeted music advertising option to promote your music, it is solely up to you as the artist. All who subscribe to your account will be given the special promotion.

  • Choose campaign goal

    Next in the process is to choose your campaign goal. Goals available are press coverage, email sign ups, links, Spotify growth, or link clicks. 📣

  • Grow streams

    When user clicks on your link, a person gets redirected to our Spotify app to follow and save your content, and our service automatically checks whether this person is followed your account/saved your track/playlist/podcast/joined email list. 📣

  • Run ads

    Generate video content for your campaign and run ads on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger or mobile apps right from Tuneer.net dashboard. Analyze statistics within the service and reduce the cost of the subscriber every day. 🤜💥🤛

Recent reviews

That’s impressive!

Tuneer is an end-to-end solution that lets users market, promote and analyse their results conveniently and simply using just one platform.
Written by Jenna Walter. on July 2, 2020

Group all your social / music links together and promote

There are a few other benefits with Tuneer, for example you can create QR codes for your link, or collect push subscribers, so you can send your fans notifications.
Written by AudioHype on October 9, 2020

Marketing through an intuitive platform

Tuneer avails lots of improved self-serve application tools that indie music makers and artists can use to create ads with specialized options for genre-targeting. As a result, promoting music online to the right people is highly improved expanding reach significantly.
Written by Joseph Ivarsson on July 15, 2020

Top tool to increase Spotify followers

Use a tool such as Tuneer.net to effortlessly get as much as you can from organic Spotify music promotion. The tools ensure you’re always engaging with people who love your music as you build a solid Spotify audience.
Written by David Rogers on September 16, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Tuneer.net help me and why is it needed?

Our service will help you significantly reduce the cost of attracting a follower. You will save your budget 2-5 times. It is absolutely safe. We do not violate any Spotify rules and will NOT require a password from your account to work.

Is The Facebook Ad Spend Included?

No, the payment made to us is completely separate from Facebook ads. The Facebook ads cost is payable to Facebook only and is handled purely by them.

Is There A Limit On Ad Spend?

Currently we do not have any sort of limits on adspend within our platform.