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How to find legit music promotion company?

It’s not uncommon for music promotion companies to use bots for increasing number of song plays, likes and comments. However, music streaming platforms are coming down hard on such fraudulent practices in the interest of their user bases. Read on to know how you can identify a legit music promotion company offering ethical, real and realistic solutions.

Determine Source of Traffic.

Machine generated streams may get your music deleted and kill your brand in a long term. You need to know exactly who they will target, on what platforms and what is engagement ratio. What channels do they use to promote your track? Make sure this channel is effective! For instance, when our customers purchase one of music PR services, a digital marketing team will plan and execute music promotion campaigns through our AI-powered chatbot applications on various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, emails, Instagram, Reddit and music blogs to drive Spotify, Youtube or Soundcloud traffic. You would only be outsourcing the work of marketing while the incoming results are all legitimate and based on the merits of your production.

Read “Terms of use”.

No one reads terms of service, studies confirm. However, that is officially accepted as being the best method to identify scammers. Legit music promotion company is open and transparent. One of the best ways to determine if a music promotion company is legit and worth your time and money is by checking their terms of use page.

Check list of clients.

A reliable company will want to publicize this information and not hide it from potential clients. You should also check what their clients say, on the website and off. A simple Google search can help you get to the truth of matters.

Reliable company offers achievable targets without rhetoric.

A good legit music marketing company will offer realistic results and not make false promises. The company may offer packages, but the exact results can vary, depending on various factors such as song quality, listener reactions and artist background – and they never fail to tell you this. When it comes to Spotify promotion services, the company can help music get heard and reviewed by Spotify playlist curators but the decision to give placement depends on the curator’s judgment.

Organic music promotion does not happen at the click of a button – it takes hard work and a team with marketing expertise to make it work. Get started with a single service package – the results will speak for themselves!

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