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Biggest Blunders Musicians make Promoting Music Online

The inception of the internet has given rise to a wide spur of digital streaming platforms and online promotions like Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud promotions have since become an effective tool for new as well as established music artists to effectively build their profile. There was a time when artists used to go out with their demo CD to labels or give it out for free to the public to get their music out. Gone are those days. That being said with such transparency and a wide reach there are many mistakes that new artists commit while promoting their music online on different platforms. What exactly are these mistakes? Here is a brief breakdown:

  • Imagine looking through your Instagram feed and being constantly bombarded with posts such as Please “Check this track Out” or “My next hip hop track is fire”. You’ll be tired and unfollow the person right away. A lack of a definite marketing plan often results in not having a concrete way to convert first-time visitors to fans who commit to the artist.
  • “If you want to listen to my music buy it”. This perception almost certainly is poison to an artist’s growth. A lot of artists commit the blunder of asking people for money just for the sake of discovery. This is absurd as no one in the right mind would ever pay money just to listen to your music for the first time.
  • Platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify etc can be utilized by new artists to boost their artist profile through effective promotions. Soundcloud promotions go a long way in setting the right foundation for artists and get their music heard by a wider audience. However, the right use of words and content is necessary. Relentless marketing on social media feed is a nightmare for healthy promotional practices.

Strategically planning and the right knowledge about what content goes where and in what format makes all the difference. Tuneer.net helps in this regard and helps in building strong audiences. From organic SoundCloud promotions and email promotions to helping artists reach industry professionals, the influence of tuner.net in building a comprehensive artist profile is immense.

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