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Can Reviews Help Me Promote My Music Better?

It is the struggle of every newbie artist in the industry to promote his/her music with maximum effectiveness. With digital platforms offering a plethora of opportunities to promote music it is tough for new artists who aren’t fully versed with the marketing process to opt for the correct alternative. Not to mention that effective marketing can make or break an artist profile in today’s day and age of competition. No matter how good a producer is or how well coordinated a band is, it is imperative to market the artist profile to survive in the industry. New music reviews are an effective and rather unexplored way of marketing and promoting music successfully and add weight to an artist’s profile. An array of influential music fans on Tuneer.net can help in providing comprehensive new music reviews to artists. It helps in boosting sales, streams and provides relevant exposure to an artist’s music.

How reviews can help me?

Constructive music feedback is a best way to get a fresh perspective on your finished track, work-in-progress or music idea.

How do I get my music reviewed on Tuneer.net?

It is very easy to create free Tuneer.net artist account and upload your own music. Our tools can help you manage your fan base and collect feedback in form of emojis or text. Also, we have developed flexible music and album promotion services to help indie artists reach new fans and collect constructive reviews from an audience of 40k music fans.

How else can I get reviews?

Getting music reviews is not as easy as it seems. You cannot go around cold calling a blog to review your music. Build a connection, make friends with the right people. Curating the right connection helps in getting extra coverage in the future that can lead to a variety of benefits. Your music might get noticed by official playlist curators or other influencers. Getting your music reviewed increases the chance of people landing on your profile page through the review and the domain itself. It helps in a long term promotional benefit as the new music reviews will stay on the page for a long time.

So, the answer to the question of reviews helping artists promote themselves better is absolutely positive. It helps to gain visibility and also puts forward an array of related benefits that help musicians on their creative journey. It increases the chances of a label AR or an actual musician discovering your track. It is an extremely efficient and effective tool for new artists to promote their music in a different way.

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