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Rock Indie Pop Band All Poets & Heroes Has Released Their First Mini Doc, Giving The Audience Background To Who They Are And How They Got Together

Following the release of their latest single, Cruel, All Poets & Heroes has released their first mini doc, giving the audience background to who they are and how they got together. “Thom Yorke once said something along of lines of, I find it insulting when people dismiss our music based on the merit that it’s depressing. Depression touches the lives of countless people, but despite it negative power, it has also fueled some of the greatest creative achievements of our history. Our music speaks to the eternal struggle we all have within – whether it’s mental illness, addiction, regret, etc. We all suffer in way or another, and to turn away in ignorance is unforgivable in our opinion. If you think we are calling ourselves All Poets & Heroes, then go back and put on one of our records and begin again. WE are all poets and heroes, each and everyone us. Doctors, police, garbage men, cooks, single mothers, the incarcerated, all of us are the poets and heroes of our collective existence. Through our music, we attempt to express this sentiment. Some of you may hate it, some may love it, but at the end of the day we are who we are. Give us a listen if you’d like, or go listen to whoever brings you peace. All Poets & Heroes was founded by Rob McCall and Corey Jordan Touring members Rob Zaccaria, Zack Fitzgerald and Nash Robb.”


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