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“Thinking of You” – A New Tune by Rising Music Artist, UnderRoot

If there is one way to transport the body, mind, and soul to a better place, time, and realm, it is the creation and listening of visionary melody. This is one major belief of alternative (pop/rock/rap) artist, UnderRoot (Sulav M. Aryal). The Kathmandu, Nepal born up and coming artist has got the strings and keys to pull to take music lovers and passionate musicians on that quest to a better place, time, and realm.

Some start and finish while some start and never finish. UnderRoot, who is on a quest to finish strong, has never given up even in the face of challenges to give listeners a perfect tune. From tender age, making music and sharing it with persons around the world has given him unending joy and satisfaction. Staying stagnant is one thing UnderRoot never does as he has gained experience over the past years to try new adventures in music. With all the experience amassed, struggles overcome, and risks taken, the artist released four singles across various streaming platforms including Spotify and SoundCloud to tell his story.


His new track “Thinking of You” is set to bring listeners of various genres to one path of creativity. From dark to bright background vocals, the song brings out a melancholic nostalgic mood, with an orchestral production and a mid-tempo ballad structure.
To join that one path to creative visionary music, stream “Thinking of You” now on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2Y4ujOBI7iHVzaYjMZU2Nk


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