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Texas hip-hop sensation, Dizzy Ninja reveals the meaning behind his song “Cupcakin”

Every artist has got an identity. No identity means no presence, and no presence means no
validity in the industry. Dizzy Ninja has stamped his identity and shown his presence with his
music energy and vibes. Texas hip-hop sensation, Dizzy Ninja (W. Scott Thomas) has infused
that identity to cook and shake up the rap industry, and the world of music altogether. With
countless day and night without sleep, Dizzy Ninja has set his sight on securing his validity in
front of the world.
The Sherman-Denison born Texas hip-hop star has been defining and perfecting his craft from
childhood. That tender age passion has resulted to Dizzy Ninja releasing great masterpiece
since his childhood.
“I’ve been producing music since my childhood.” – Dizzy Ninja says, “I’ve dabbled in just about
every genre out there. I love helping others bring out their musical talents as well. I’m all about
originality so no covers here. I produce my own beats, write my own lyrics and record/mix my
own tracks, all without a penny to my name.”
The new energy infused tune “cupcakin”, is comical look at a very important topic concerning
our whole culture in the society. This song points fingers to the lack of deep meaning
conversations in our present age because of our mobile phone addictions.
A music with no message makes less or no sense but “cupcakin” by Texas hip-hop artist, Dizzy
Ninja, has got more than a message for you!
Wait no further music lovers! Grab your headphones, click the link below, and listen to
Visit Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3ppcNEFbZL4Y3ZaLkv6itI?si=3nN8d6LHQdyhGAGBpPIMqw

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