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Make the most of Tuneer’s smart short links

For fast and massive results, particularly if you don’t have all the time to keep at organic Spotify promotion all day and all the time, Tuneer can help you grow your Spotify automatically with very minimal input. Chances are your rivals and competitors are already using Tuneer for Spotify promotion and getting big results. You can as well. Here’s how:

You may want to share newly released songs, playlists or podcasts across diverse platforms. Tuneer allows you to create smart links for this exercise fast and easy. The smart links are unique and effective that once shared in any platform, people can follow them right into the proper landing page to select the right streaming method, check QR codes, preview audio content, activate push notification opt-ins or select the right store, among other functions.

That’s not all; the smart link can be used to figure out anyone who follows you through its smart tracking capabilities. In the process, you’ll know the stores your fans love to visit, their location around the world and even assess the performance of your engagement.

Landing page and smart link creation

Step 1: On the landing page builder page ensure the form has been filled and links added.

Step 2: Go ahead and upload the audio preview (or audio message).

Step 3: Click the right arrow button at the bottom-right corner to go to the next step in the wizard.

Step 4: Write some description and upload cover image.

Step 5: Other types of analytics such as Google’s can be added as well, including pixels (while it’s not a must you can also add tracking codes from third-parties like Google Analytics or Facebook adverts).

Tuneer offer a unique free subscriber collection plan of below 200 subscribers. For more subscribers, go ahead and upgrade to a paid plan of your own choice.

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