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How to Give Your Music the Strongest Opportunity for Radio Airplay

Summary: Are you struggling to get your music reviewed by radio stations for airplay? Want to heat up the airwaves? You couldn’t have chosen a better way to promote your music and gain new fans! Here’s how a professional PR companies increase the chances of getting your music played on radio stations.

Relevance of Radio Promotion

Radio station promotion is an important marketing tool for both established and upcoming musicians. With only one play, you can reach thousands of listeners and potential new fans. When people like your music, they will want to share it on social media and stream it on digital music streaming platforms – so you can actually increase your fan base and earn money from your music. Besides, it’s the dream of almost every music artist to get their music played by a radio station – it gives them bragging rights!

Find Right Match for Your Genre

It may take you several weeks just to research the right radio stations to approach. This is because there are hundreds of radio stations out there – some radio stations focus on one or two genres whereas others support multiple genres. And then there are college radio stations that typically promote the music of newcomers. With a ready-to-use database of properly categorized radio stations, a music promo company can make the process of identifying the right radio stations to approach infinitely easier.

Best Medium for Discovery

While the new music promotion channels like blogs and music streaming websites are great for music consumption, radio stations remain the number one source for discovery of new music. A combination of factors including ease and convenience of listening to music on the radio and instant gratification contribute to this –if you’re a new artist waiting to get discovered, ignore radio station promotion at your own peril.

Radio is More Exclusive

Music streaming websites are open source platforms and are easily available to anyone who wants to make music available. Getting radio airplay is not that easy in comparison because music selection is done by knowledgeable music directors and programmers. Only high quality music is selected which makes radio a more exclusive medium – one that you would want to get a breakthrough on to reach audiences that appreciates quality content.

College Radio Is Great for Interaction

Non-commercial radio stations such as college radio stations are interactive hubs that are frequented by listeners who are passionate about original music. Radio programmers on these radio stations are often well connected to radio blogs. If your aim is to promote music to a young crowd, get the community involved, college radio stations should definitely be on your radar.

Consistent, Sustainable Results

Once your music is selected for airplay, radio station promotion is more likely to deliver consistent, sustainable results. This is because music programmers usually rotate music for long periods of time and your output could be in the loop for weeks, if not months – ample time to get noticed and appreciated by an interested audience.

Professionals Help Find Right Match

Music promotion services is full time work that is best left to a professional music promotion company. If you decide to reach out to radio stations on your own, you will have to do a lot of research and cold calling with no guarantee that your music will be picked for airplay. On the other hand, a database of radio stations can help you find the right match for your kind of music in minutes. We maintain relationships with radio station directors and hence it’s easier to get them to hear your music.

Advice on Pitching Music

When you decide to partner a radio station promo company, you will be provided with a checklist of things to submit. Typically, this includes a new song that is of studio quality and edited for radio. An important factor to keep in mind is that organic radio promotion will only give you the opportunity to get your music reviewed by radio programmers – whether it gets selected for airplay or not is up to their judgment.

Beyonce, Nirvana, U2 –just a few names that broke out on the radio and went on to achieve super stardom – you can too with professional music promotion !

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