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Follow Some Effective Tips for Promoting Music on Spotify and Apple Music

Digital music marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting your music on different platforms. Spotify offers a premium platform to over 100s of passionate singers releasing their new song/music on an everyday basis. By submitting your popular songs on this platform, you can increase your fan following. Organic Spotify Promotion transforms the music industry and gives musician and singers a platform where they can release their songs. With the advancements in the field of the Internet, now it has become very easy for the people to promote and stream their music live. Live streaming is favored as the best over CD downloads.

Tips to promote your music

Delay the release of your music: Keep your music on hold after releasing it. Do not promote it on platforms like Spotify on the same day. Take a gap of at least a week or two before making it available on Spotify. It is believed that the delay in uploading the music will increase the fan rate.

Get your Spotify playlists: The very first things that you need to do before promoting your music is to get your music on Spotify and increase your admirers. Once you have successfully created your own playlists of popular songs. Never overstuff your own music playlist.

Create your profile page: Ideally, if you are looking for a long career in the music industry, then it is very important for both new and old artists to add its profile picture and the short biography. The more creative is your profile page, the more followers you will have.

Free and Paid Promotion: Spotify helps in exposing and promoting your songs to the audience, who would have a hard time discovering your songs. There is essentially no need to hire a PR management or implement strategies to increase the fan following. Once your music becomes the part of Spotify playlist, more and more people would be able to find it. If you are a budding artist, you should not underestimate yourself. It is promotion and exposure that will ultimately make you big artist.

Increase fan following: Spotify allows subscriber and followers to listen to some of the songs for free. This process, however, increases the fan base and eventually induces them to download the songs. In addition, Spotify also lets users share their interests in music via social websites like Facebook and Twitter, which means that your fans become your promoters.

Music blog submission: If you have recently released a new music video or album and you have a lot to share. It is only possible through music blogs. Music blogs can be either a press release, an audio expressing your thoughts, or a blog. You can express your thoughts in words and share with your fans.

Summary: This article grabs emphasis on the importance of promoting your music through Spotify. If you are a budding artist, these tips can be very helpful in promoting your music online.

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