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Learn how to make social media marketing for music artists all the easier with this amazing tool

We all know that social media is a key part of our lives now, whether we want to admit it or not. However, it seems that many indie bands and artists simply forget that in order to make sure that they are successful, they need to think about social media marketing for music artists in all its forms. They think that all they need to do is distribute their music on the key platforms such as Spotify or Soundcloud and then they will be good to go. However, this is not the case. Sure, sharing on social media is great and will allow you to promote your music, however there is so much more that you need to do.

With so many other millions of music artists out there trying to get their music heard, the best way to be competitive on those music sharing platforms is to build an online community and think of your music as a brand. A key tactic to making this a success is to try out co-marketing, co-marketing is going to give you an edge. The idea of co-marketing is to allow two or more artists to come together. They can combine their audiences and help to promote their song or albums throughout social media. This type of marketing can be especially useful to those who are new to the music scene. This is not only because it is a great way to grow your visibility, but it is also free and you don’t have to have a budget in order to get your music noticed by potential fans.

Social media music marketing made easy

The idea of this new exciting tool is that it allows you to take advantage of co-marketing. The platform allows any indie artist to boost their music videos by encouraging social media shares of their creations. It also helps to allow for your music to be on a recommended list that will appear from like-minded and like-sounded artists. The best thing about this particular platform is that it is incredibly simple to use. You need to link your music, be that from Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud. Once you have done this, you need to earn points by completing some of the set activities and each pointwill help for your music to be shared.

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The points system

When it comes to Tuneer there is plenty of ways to earn points. A great place to start is to research what kind of music will drive your target audience and then choose related music from the list of artists who are part of the co-promotion programme You will then need to get your own personal URL which is how you will share your song. You will need to ensure that you write a good explanation as to why you enjoyed that particular track and then go ahead and share it to whatever platform is your choice. It is important to remember that any artist can join this programme. You don’t need have lots of followers, you just need to have the drive to change things for yourself and ensure that you become as visible as possible.

Whenever your shared link is opened (which can be identified via your unique URL) the system will register that you have been active and will arrange for 1 point to be credited to your account, 1 point for every click.

Feedback exchange

If you want to find other ways to earn points then you can actually listen to and then review the music that other artists have shared on the platform. You can earn up to 3 points for every piece of feedback that you make. However, it is important that you make a concrete recommendation for how to improve the music. Your feedback will need to be unbiased. Along with the points, you will also receive feedback on your creation. This will come from the professional community as well as other artists.

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