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Ways of Promoting Music for New Artists

The competition is high, and everything is digital in the modern world. There is an urgency for any newcomer artist to establish themselves in the industry. Further, with changing trends, artists need to foresee the upcoming trend and tweak their digital presence accordingly.

Moreover, the new artist needs to be well aware of the technologies like file sharing, social media, streaming, and e-commerce, as technology enables them to make use of a better platform for their music to reach a broader audience. Thus, increasing their fan base.

With more technology comes more confusion. This is the reason why finding that one efficient way of promoting is a daunting task.

For starters, offering free mp3 music downloads can be a good alternative for new artists. It allows the prospect audience to listen to the latest music at no cost, thus forming a part of the musician’s fan base. Although make sure you copyright the track for obvious security reasons.

Nevertheless, it takes time for any music to reach that level. Hence, here are a few ways in which a new artist can promote their music on Spotify and Apple Music:


Music streaming has changed the dynamics of traditional ways of music promotions. Apple Music and Spotify are the top-notch streaming services that help budding artists to achieve massive popularity. For this, you need to be good in forecasting your marketing campaign.

Why Get Your Tunes on Apple Music and Spotify as Unsigned Artist?

💯These platforms are an excellent way for an artist to promote music.

🔥These platforms are the home for the world due to its enormous digital music collection.

💯🔥Further, the wide recognition of these apps as the most extensive online music library can help you reach a big audience.

The easiest way for musicians to get music into iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon is to use online distributors such as TuneCore or CD Baby.



When it comes to the promotion of music, a good landing page is the most important thing. An artist wants the people to find them on the internet and have all the information regarding their favourite performer. This activity helps in making that artist a brand.

Furthermore, on the landing page, one can provide free mp3 music downloads along with an in-browser playback option for the audience visiting the page.

Another good practice is to cross-link all your music streaming urls on one page and place url in your Instagram/Twitter/YouTube profile bio to offer multiple choices to your followers when they visit your link in profile.

As mentioned, offering free mp3 music downloads on platforms like Soundcloud calls for a healthy organic promotional practice. Just make sure that they have proper ID3 tags, and also, the most important thing, they are compatible with all digital platforms and in mp3 format.

Budding musicians can also offer free mp3 music downloads for users on the mentioned platforms within the Tuneer.net web app functionality. A free sign up from the users on the Tuneer.net platform helps artists to collect and build the email database of their listeners, which can then be used for re-marketing purposes.

These are just a few ways in which a new artist can increase his/her following and reach among the audience. However, it is quite important for the artist to be socially active and have a regular posting to maintain the audience they have.

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