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Top Reasons You Don’t Need a Powerful Record Label for Music Promotion

As an upcoming artist, do you wonder if you’ll ever get signed by a record label? Here’s news – there’s been such a sea change in music distribution and music promotion. This has decreased the relevance of big shot record labels. Many of their functions can now be outsources to an independent music promotion services providers.

Less Dependence on Record Labels

There was a time when record labels were all powerful – they controlled music production and music distribution. All that has changed with the internet and other technology developments. It is now possible for independent artists to create studio quality music without the backing of a powerful recording label. Earlier, music was distributed solely in physical form such as CDs and live events. Today, it is all about digital streaming and online sharing.

Offline Music Promotion

The major forms of music promotion earlier were articles in music magazines, radio airplay and live events. Today, music blog submission and radio station submission tools are available at your fingertips. By leveraging professional relationships with online blogs and radio stations, a music you can get an artist’s music heard and reviewed. If music curators like it, they feature it and then it gets in front of thousands of interested listeners.

Online Music Promotion

Social media platforms and digital marketing channels are the new vehicles that drive music promotion today. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer cost-effective ways to boost audience awareness, engage them and encourage music sharing. Direct notifications, paid banner ads on specific websites, Facebook and YouTube ads are effective ways to direct traffic to desired locations. Using effective digital marketing strategies and tools, an independent music promotion service can bring out measurable results within a specific time frame.

Level Playing Field on Music Streaming Sites

Music streaming sites such as SoundCloud and Spotify are the new places for new music to get heard and appreciated. The best part is that popularity on these platforms depends entirely on the audience reception. If audiences like your music, you can go on to be an Internet sensation. These platforms are free to use by all music artists. An independent music promotion services provider can implement campaigns that drive traffic to your account – you don’t need a record label for that. 

It would be a mistake to say recording labels have no place in music promotion today. They provide wide-ranging support services that can take your music brand to a new level. But for a great start to your career, nothing beats the affordable solutions of an independent music promotion company!

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