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Tips to Achieve Music Marketing Results Naturally

Summary: Organic means growing at natural pace – that’s what organic music marketing achieves. It focuses on getting genuine results like growing a fan base of real audience and creating an exciting buzz around your music.

Getting people to notice and talk about your music is harder than ever these days, especially if you’re an indie artist or band. Partnering a professional company offering organic music marketing services is a great way to increase chances of raising awareness about your music and getting the right kind of exposure without doing any of the heavy lifting. Here’s what you should know while looking for a partner firm.

Streaming Sites Are Preferred for Music Consumption

Marketing on music streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud should definitely be a part of your overall organic music marketing strategy because an increasing number of people are using these platforms to listen and download music. Whether you need to promote a single or an album, you need to put it out at the right time, in front of the right audience and on the right digital platform for successful promotion.

Beware of Bots

There are a number of companies that promise instant likes and followers on social media and music streaming platforms, but very often those likes and followers are just bots. By using bots, you’re not reaching out to a real audience that is genuinely interested in your music – organic Spotify promotion or organic SoundCloud promotion is so much better than bot-generated promotion because it puts your music in front of an interested audience and helps foster conversations around your music. Besides, using bots can get you blacklisted by social media platforms -think about the damage this could do to your reputation.

Music Blogs Influence Audience

Music blogs are a relatively new marketing channel and can deliver surprisingly great results because of the increasing clout of blog writers as influencers. The trick here is to find music blog publications that are interested in the kind of music you make. If your niche is country music, your output may not be critically reviewed by a blog that focuses on R&B. Also, you will not be able to reach your target audience. Search for providers of organic music marketing services who have relationships with a wide variety of music blogs so that you find the perfect match for your style of music.

Choose Radio for Discovery

Online music promotion is comfortable but you’re missing out on numerous opportunities if you don’t consider offline platforms such as radio station airplay. Radio is a real-time medium and great for getting discovered. Radio station promotion will help you connect with a different set of audience and possibly ensure consistent airplay because music that does get played is often rotated for weeks, if not months. A good provider of organic music marketing services will be able to get your music in front of the right radio stations.

Whether it is blog submission or organic Spotify promotion, your chances of being accepted depend on the quality of music you create – so do your best to make it original and outstanding!

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