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Challenges you may face while running an email campaign

With so much talk about email marketing going around the internet, it does sound pretty easy.    

How do you feel about launching an email marketing campaign?    

Do you think it’s all about sending a bunch of emails to your potential audience, sitting back, and waiting for the magic to happen?  

You should know that it doesn’t work like that.   

We will look at some challenges that you may face with email marketing;   

Email Deliverability    

Email deliverability is the ratio of emails you send to the number of messages that make it to the inbox of your recipients.   

If you send emails to invalid email addresses, they will be bounced back. When this happens repeatedly, it will increase the bounce rate.   

You can keep away from email deliverability issues by acquiring and maintaining the correct information of your prospects.   

You could achieve this by using the best email lookup service. For instance, GetEmail.io is one of the best email finder tools with a high accuracy rate.   

The tool locates the business email address format using big data and machine learning algorithms.   

You can test its efficiency by first using the free plan.   

Besides using the tool, you have to implement email validating features on your website contact forms and popup forms to ensure that incorrect email addresses don’t enter your prospect list.   

Data Integration    

Integrating data is the biggest challenge for businesses trying to improve personalization.   

Many businesses now understand the importance of tailored customer experience. This is achieved based on the prospect’s needs and preferences.  

And with a lack of data integration, you have information silos making it difficult to have a complete picture of your email campaign or business performances.    

Growing & Retaining List    

Many email marketers find the process of growing and retaining their email lists very tricky.   

Removing the inactive prospects from your email subscribers on a regular basis is highly important.  

And it is equally important to add and retain as many new prospects to the list as possible.   

In an attempt to grow the email list, many marketers and business owners commit the mistake of buying an email list from third-party sources.  

However, this approach is not recommended as it may contain the details of those who don’t fall under your target segment.    

Performance Tracking    

Suppose you do not know how your email marketing efforts influence your business growth, the number of website visits that occurred. In that case, you will not have clarity on how your email marketing efforts are performing.    

Spam Complaints    

If you are sending emails to your prospects randomly and those contents are not relevant to them, they are highly likely to unsubscribe to your newsletter.  

Besides this, when you continuously send emails sounding salesy, people will get annoyed, and over time, there is a high chance that they mark your emails as spam.    

Final Thoughts    

Email marketing is an ideal approach to ensure great returns; however, it comes with its own set of challenges we discussed in this article.  

And you could overcome these challenges with proper data tracking, insights, and testing. 

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